The Importance of Paying Attention To Call-Ups

Daily Fantasy Managers are always trying to find a way to get a productive contributor for an affable wage. For any established big-leaguer this may seem improbable. However, there are tactics one can employ to find value and gain equity in any baseball line-up.

The key is to pay attention to call-ups.

Every MLB team calls up minor league talent for a reason, whether it be for enhanced time in a starting role, to fill a need or at the tail end of a rehab assignment. Some call-ups are simply utilized to support the bench. However, in many cases call-ups often are brought up to see how they fare at the highest level of competition.

Call-ups are typically a volatile play but they're always offered at an initial starting price that's very affordable.

Given the algorithms and metrics of platforms such as DraftKings and FanDuel, it is most conducive to take a chance on these prospects early and play these call-ups often, they can procure and produce economical numbers that will be essential in keeping any team competitive in any league or tournament.

In addition to this, this practice frees up money to acquire elite talent and optimize lineups in other areas. Sources such as RotoWire can provide all the information and analytics for any call-up.


The most important call-ups to pay attention to are pitchers. Any recently called-up pitcher can make an immediate splash and provide exceptional return on investment. For example, Tyler Glasnow of the Pittsburgh Pirates and current New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard illustrate how this strategy can be most beneficial.

A starting pitcher called-up can net managers between 10 to 15 fantasy points. These pitchers have been offered as low as $4,000 when they were called-up. Given the price, these are points that will be gladly taken given the price offered.

Remember, daily fantasy baseball is a low scoring sport and a total score of 70 can win a league or tournament outright. Pitchers are most expensive, however if one can acquire quality for a cheap price, any manager can then allocate their funds to load up on batters and equip any offense with some proficient personnel. This gives any manager the best chance to win, given that pitchers are usually most productive contributors.

Paying attention to call-ups is a great way to cultivate a low-risk scenario with high upside. Players like Thor have proven that this is one of the most effective strategies in winning in daily fantasy baseball.

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