Power Hitting Is Not As Big As Think You It Is

Hitting from a season-long fantasy league perspective is far more important to focus on than any individual game in daily fantasy formats.

As Keith Hernandez once said, the best hitters fail 70% of the time they step to the plate.

  • The best hitters in the MLB hit approximately .330, compile 40 home runs and accrue 120 RBIs over a 162 game season
  • The average hitter gets to the plate 4 times per game and thus makes over 648 plate appearances in any given season

Let’s say a hitter manages to hit 40 home runs, that means that the best power hitters hit a home run valued at 4 FDP every 16 plate appearances, so there is a good chance that this event may not occur once in any game.

Contrarily, in some daily episodes, a team may feature two or three hitters with superfluous multi-home run games leading to a one-off score that may be rarely duplicated.

From a DFS perspective, every time a hitter strikes out (a commonality in power hitters), pops out, grounds out or flies out, -.25 FDP is deducted. It is not improbable for one of the game’s best sluggers may have a -.75 FDP day and this forces daily fantasy managers to force their hand and scrutinize their investments.

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Focus on on-base percentage

In FanDuel, a walk hit by pitch or single results in one point and it is very conceivable that a hitter that hits for average more than power can get multiple points in a game. Thus it is key to focus on on-base percentage.

For the Moneyball fanatics, OPS is the statistic you want to feast your eyes on to determine productivity. However, overall hitting further reinforces our position of pitching being your first priority.

Good pitching can produce and procure more consistent, quantifiable and predictable results, hitting simply does not. Statistically it has been proven that hitters are at the mercy of pitchers and weather conditions for the most part and for this reason, we once again reaffirm and further proclaim the importance of pitching and the careful deliberation of selecting hitters.

If you are going to focus your strategy on hitters than it is imperative to focus more so on on-base percentage and OPS because that can also lead to runs scored which also adds up to fantasy points. Finding the most productive batters as opposed to the most powerful ones is the key between creating a winning and losing line-up in most instances.

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