How To Use Money Lines To Optimize Your Daily Fantasy Line-Up

Many daily fantasy sports managers and industry experts agree that knowing how to handicap match-ups can make you a better fantasy sports player. We have cited this previously in terms of Daily Fantasy Basketball and Football but the same applies here to baseball.

However, baseball is a different kind of animal.

There are 162 games per year and it is regarded as a “cash sport” which means all of the action takes place on the Money Line as opposed to betting a traditional spread with a standard vig. But enough about that.

Money Lines provide a comprehensive insight

into how the market assesses these fixtures and this can help you generate an optimal fantasy lineup for any daily fantasy baseball league. Here’s how:

Look Out For Heavy Favorites

When any team enters a game at odds of -150 or greater, they are expected to win most likely. In addition to this, heavier odds like this are often associated with a prominent pitcher taking the hill for the game.

This provides an edge for any Daily Fantasy Baseball manager in that you can essentially fade what will be a likely trendy play. Some of the marquee players featured on the favorite will likely be widely owned and thus you can avoid them to take advantage of variance.

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Lines Closer To Evens

This is often a prime indicator of two evenly matched opponents or pitching not playing a significant role in this contest. In the first case, two stud pitchers may be engaged what many prognosticate to be an old fashioned pitcher’s duel of franchise aces.

In this scenario, we recommend staying clear of either participant as the results are very volatile in affairs of this nature.

However, in the second instance there may be a scenario where many managers can take advantage of bountiful offenses and it may be worth mining the depth charts to find a potential low-cost batter that can have a big night.

Most notably, this can be derived from looking at career numbers against the starting opposing pitcher. However, we stress the fact that is essential to not be too gung-ho.

Never fill your line-up sheet full of players from one team.

This protects your line-up in the event the team is outclassed by a rare and an exceptional performance. Therefore, sticking to one or two batters from these teams can provide excellent value with limited risk.

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