Player To Watch: David West (Forward – Golden State Warriors)

For Daily Fantasy Basketball Managers mining the charts and using analyzers hoping to find a player in line for a big day at a small price in Head to Head, League, or Tournament formats, we are always gearing up to locate a player primed for such an event.

Every point counts and thus we will direct our attention to the NBA’s star-studded cast of Warriors, the defending Western Conference Champions, Golden State.

David West is the epitome of the word “veteran”

The seasoned forward has played for some of the NBA’s premier teams and has been a reliable option for many clubs over the span of his journeyman career. West was an integral part of the San Antonio Spurs and Indiana Pacers before arriving in Oakland to play the role of Harrison Barnes after his departure to Dallas.

West offers tremendous upside

On any given night West offers an upside, even when he operates in a reserve role primarily. West currently owns the best Value rating of any player in the NBA on FanDuel.

His value quotient sits at 7.85, one of two with this projection next to his name at the moment. This essentially means that West is expected to produce far more points than he is projected to produce on any given night given his salary which currently sits at an extremely economical $3,500.

This can be chalked up to and attested to the presence of Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala all being listed as higher-priced forwards compared to West. Respectively so, two of the three are All-Star starters and the third has been a reliable sixth man off the bench for the Warriors.

However, West has a chance to be a consistent producer on any given night, given the fact he sees a lot of court time if any key starter were to miss playing time.

West has a high floor but a commendable ceiling

West could be in line for a 28 point night which is what you need out of a low-cost option to have a chance at winning big. With the Warriors entering the backstretch of the season and looking to ready themselves for the post-season, West could have some big nights on the horizon. Keep an eye on him.

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