Player To Watch: Danny Green (SG) San Antonio Spurs

For Daily Fantasy Basketball Managers glancing at everything ranging from analyzers to charts hoping to find an instrumental player to win that Head to Head, League or Tournament, we are always on the look hoping to locate a player primed to put up big numbers for a small price.

Even if you are looking to multiply money, every point counts, especially in in daily fantasy basketball playoff edition.

This week, we direct our attention to one of the NBA’s blue-blood and pedigree teams, the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs feature a potential low-cost, high-flyer that often comes in as a shooting guard in pivotal moments, Danny Green.

Green is one of the most underrated players on the Spurs roster.

Green is a product of New York and grew up playing a rugged and robust style of ball. That all went out the window when he shipped off to San Antonio.

The bottom line is the Spurs are not a team that focuses on their superstar personnel. Sure, the Spurs have the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol in their rolls, complemented by a rising star in Kawai Leonard but the Spurs are always emphasized as a unit more than a cast of stars such as Golden State. This is a big part of the philosophy skipper Greg Popovich likes to employ.

The focus is on fundamentals and playing sound basketball.

Thus the Spurs were the best three-point shooting team in the NBA and this is not because they are filled to brim with snipers. No, the Spurs are a systematic bunch that all buy in to the philosophy of playing smart basketball. Thus the shot selection for Spurs players is often intelligent and thus they have these deep runs in the playoffs and are a consistent threat every year.

Green is a product of the Popovich system.

He came into the fold as a Spur and matured under the guidance of Coach Pop. Now, Green remains a focal point of the Spurs three-point attack and on any given night he can go off.

On the year Green is a 40% shooter mirroring the efficiency that Popovich promotes.

Given the fact Green has blown cold as of late against the stingy Grizzlies, the stock is low in Green and he could be primed for a few big nights against Houston if the Spurs advance to the next round.

Keep an eye on him.

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