Playoff Preparation Tips

With the NBA Playoffs just around the corner, daily fantasy basketball managers are chomping at the bit in preparation for the post-season.

With the first round on the horizon many NBA franchises have begun resting their starters while others have given up on their post-season in hopes they can score a great pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

Either way this is a weird time of year for basketball and with this being said, we have a few recommendations for managers getting ready for the post-season festivities. Adhering to these insights may bring you good fortune come playoff ball time:

Review What Worked

Very simply it’s important for you to ascertain what has worked for you up to this point. Every manager has a tendency to flourish in certain formats and settings. Is it head to heads? Multipliers? Small leagues? Large Tournaments?

Every format has a different strategy and now is the appropriate time to take stock of where you have generated the most ROI. Given the fact there will be a smaller player pool in the post-season, it is essential to determine where you win and how you win those competitions. Doing so will lead to a successful greening-up campaign in the post-season.

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Sit a Few Games Out

A wise man once said every ambitious move is a gamble.

With this being said, even smart sports handicappers would tell you that you shouldn’t have action all of the time. Now is a time to focus more on the games and see what you can learn from them. Take notes on the playoff teams and look to isolate who their best reserves are.

Come playoff time these players will likely be a less selected and more economical choice and that is something worth taking in to consideration with the aforementioned smaller player pools. Sit a few games out and watch everything unfold in front of you.

In addition, this can also enhance your bankroll as you can save would-be contest entry fees for more playoff action.

Understand Playoff Basketball Is A New Season

Even if you had a less than desirable post-season, playoff ball is a new season which means there are new opportunities and a new hope.

While Daily Fantasy Basketball is a great investment, Playoff League Basketball can also provide you with an excellent second wind if you had a disappointing campaign in the 2016-17 season.

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