Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy FootballDaily Fantasy Football websites such as Draft Kings or Fanduel offer players an enticing offer: the hallowed deposit bonus. However, players must be weary because the fine print will convince otherwise. While daily fantasy football sites do indeed offer an according to hands “deposit bonus”, it is not a true deposit bonus that many sports betters experience in respective offshore online gambling sites.

Traditionally if a player loads $100 in to their account, they would expect their balance to total $150 if it was a 50% deposit bonus, as advertised by many of these fantasy sites. At the bare minimum, an online sportsbook would offer the same currency in the form of free plays, useable on traditional bets such as straights or parlays. However, Fanduel for example, operates entirely different.

Fanduel gives players their deposit bonus incrementally, the amount is shown in a user’s pending bonus but is not released in a lump sum. Instead, players have to play in a variety of competitions and leagues, and their bonus is released in miniscule pieces every time they enter a game. So be advised, essentially the amount of money inserted is the amount of funds that can be expected to have in hand for various contests. Sadly this is a rather shrieking and disparaging notion for the ambitious player that thought they would fund their account with their last ten dollars and forge the capability to play in to a twenty dollar game (thanks to their deposit bonus), and hit the home run of a $1,000 jackpot, when they swung for the fences on the house’s money. Nope, it is anything but that.

Bottom line, go in to these sites with the expectation that whatever you put up in terms of funding is what you will have in hand to play with. Be economical and only put in what you can afford and play in games that won’t hurt you financially if you do not win any prize at all. Don’t buy in to the hoopla surrounding deposit bonuses, instead do your due diligence and research the best players that can help you win the most.

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