How to Draft an Effective Fantasy Football Team

Are Running Backs Still The Best?

You know the days when we all picked up five running backs before quarterbacks and wide receivers? While this used to be a great strategy, it’s no longer the best way to create an effective fantasy football lineup. The problem we often find is too many people pick up running backs without looking at the things that are going to impact them week by week.  A bye week can end up causing you to have some frustration as you can have several players out for a week, which will make it hard to win that week. However, you need to know that it is not always the worst thing to lose one week as you are able to get the best available players in each round and you can dominate several weeks before giving up a win for a single week.

Calculate Your Risk

Boom or bust players can cause you to dominate your league, or fail miserably. You need to look for guys that put up consistent numbers instead of favoring a player based on who they are. Sure, a lot of people liked Tim Tebow as a quarterback and a person, but he was a terrible fantasy football player and was boom or bust. You cannot predict the week when your favorite player will catch three touchdowns and when they will sit on the bench the entire week.

The Brilliance of Receivers

While running backs still remain a hot commodity in the first round, there is a lot to be said for top receivers. Grabbing a guy like Megatron (Calvin Johnson) or Andre Johnson is a great bet. Grabbing a top receiver is sure bet, but don’t take them in the first round. Grab your top running back or quarterback like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady before the big receiver. When you are looking at the best receivers available, always look at the people who are throwing to them. If they do not have a guy who can get them the ball, you can struggle to get the points you need each week. A receiver can only be good if the quarterback knows how to get the ball in their area.

Waiting on a Quarterback

While Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck might not put up the numbers as Peyton Manning and tom Brady, they do a great job in the fantasy world. You want to focus on finding a quarterback that will help your fantasy team work well week after week. Grabbing your running back in the first round is still the standard as they normally put up the most points. If the top quarterbacks fall off the board quickly, you need to know there are at least 12 other decent quarterbacks that will be able to help your team. Use the Las Vegas over/under lines to know which quarterback are the best options after the top quarterbacks are gone. However, some people feel the number one draft pick you make should be the quarterback. If Peyton Manning has another season like 2013-2014, this is not a bad option at all. Top quarterbacks will keep your team competitive week after week, and the right guy will help you dominate this position.

Use the Over/Under
This is a great bet to use when you are comparing the options for your fantasy team. Las Vegas will set a number of points for a game. You need to determine if your team will be able to score more than that total to win. If you bet under the Las Vegas over/under, you will lose. Why use the over/under for your weekly fantasy football lineup? Las Vegas is showing you which games they predict will have the most points. Knowing which games have the likelihood of being a high-scoring game helps you pick the right defense and the best players from the team to help you win your fantasy game. If you start the players in the high-scoring games, you have a greater chance of winning more games.


Some people really feel the running back is the ideal position for the team. These individuals can be tricked into a trade with you for a decent running back that you have stockpiled for a player that you really need. The people that pick up a ton of running backs, or major players to sit on their bench are known as the hoarders. They have a lot of room to negotiate for some decent trades in the middle of the season when other teams are looking for new players to boost their roster. You can give the quantity over quality in some situations if you want to make a decent trade in the future of your fantasy season.

Find the Sleepers

Another major way to win in fantasy football is to pick up the sleepers. Before you start drafting, do some research on this seasons sleepers. Certain rookies will have breakout years, but look at the second-year players that are on the cusp of replacing a starter. These guys can end up with one incredible game and will become the player the team turns to for this season. Remember back when Peyton Hillis was all the rage in the NFL and the fantasy world? Well, the guy is no where to be found now, but he was a huge sleeper player with the Cleveland Browns and the people who picked him up made a killing off his numbers. The one sleeper player you need to worry about is taking too many trendy wide receivers. Drafting the right team will help you win your fantasy football league this season! Pay close attention to your draft to find out the way other players are drafting so you can get a feel for the draft and which players you need to pick up to build a solid roster. Just remember to maintain depth at your WR and RB positions if you want to create a fantasy team that puts up numbers!

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