Affecting A Solid Trade: What To Know and Expect

There comes a point where many managers find themselves in need of a spark. They need a catalyst, they need a player to initialize a rally to get their team in position to vie for the postseason.

Conversely, there are some times that are looking to acquire an assortment of high round draft picks for next year or even a keeper and will begin to trade off their best players to contenders, to build for tomorrow.

Affecting a solid trade can be a rugged task

If you're the manager looking to make a trade, your approach is going to have to be appealing.

In many instances, the initiator will have to offer more than they would, if the “shoe were on the other foot”. This means, that you may pay more than you anticipated for the player that you want.

The beauty of counter-offers

An aggressive or ambitious manager may counter the offer, then it is truly time to play ball. It's imperative to take stock and make accurate assessments. Do not trade away what you're not willing to lose.

Football in general is a game of sacrifice, so this notion would never be exempt from a fantasy game either. You must be willing to give up what you need to acquire a player, if you are not, the trade will almost always be rejected.

Making managers an offer they can’t refuse

It takes time, it takes due diligence and is crafted with care.

If you have the idea of skimping on a trade proposal and essentially attempting to rip off any manager, be ready to pay up because any astute competitor would counter with a rather polarizing offer.

A good offer out of the gate usually eliminates “wiggle room” and may result in minor adjustments and negotiations, but is far more likely to succeed and benefit both parties.

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