Don’t Let Emotion Control You during NFL Playoffs

For Daily Fantasy Football Managers this is the time of year where the playoffs reach their peak in terms of excitement and where the opportunities to make a final push in tournaments and multipliers wanes.

Outside of the Super Bowl, this is the last week for daily fantasy football and with that being stated we would like to implore managers with some advice they can apply to this emotionally-charged time of year as well as something they can use to begin their pre-season scouting and analysis for next year in either season-long or daily leagues.

Do not be ruled by emotion, never let them get the best of you.

As mentioned previously, it is imperative to draft the best player available or perhaps find the best player available from a quality angle. Love is blind and in many cases a fantasy manager’s love of a certain player can truly obscure reality especially if said player is inching closer to playing in the game’s biggest stage.

As a result of this we will often see many managers reach or go out of pocket for a player they want to see succeed because they are cheering and rooting for this player to win. This is dangerous whether it be FanDuel or Yahoo! Fantasy.

In deeper season-long leagues, draft picks have extraordinary significance and meaning. This is because the talent is spread even thinner and the free agency pool is reduced greatly.

Case and point

Anecdotally we once witnessed a player who loved Eli Manning so much because of his Super Bowl victory against the Patriots in 2012, he was compelled to select Eli in the second round of a season-long league.

In the previous weekend when New York went to Green Bay, he blindly selected Manning without considering the best option on the board in quarterback Ben Roethlisberger because he wanted the Giants to beat the Packers.

Needless to say, this manager had an unsuccessful fantasy campaign and did not come in the money in his tournament on Wild Card Weekend.

The lesson to be learned here is simple

don’t be governed by emotion. You play fantasy football to win, not for nostalgia or sentimental value. This is an important message for all the Packers, Steelers, Patriots and Falcons fans out there who will undoubtedly be smitten and rabid this weekend come Championship Sunday. Look for the best situations and play on those accordingly.

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