The Golden State Effect Part II

Part II of the two part post - read the previous post here!

The Golden State Effect is more than just a common cold for Daily Fantasy Managers. In fact, it could be likened to the flu.

It doesn’t just niggle your team’s output, it can actually sack and subdue your chances of being competitive on any given night. Here are some more things to consider when combatting The Golden State Effect.

Opponents are Undervalued

This is a common tendency found in sports handicapping but it's likely, many players on the opposing team may be expected to have off games as a result of facing Golden State, particularly if they were at home.

For example, Curry would be a prime option against the Suns since Phoenix had a poor record in 2015. It would showcase a rather porous defense that would allow Golden State to create more opportunities.

Underdogs off the radar

You may see Golden State favored by double-digit margins with many takers expecting a rout. An assumption is often drawn that opposing players will either be ineffective or not on the floor long enough to be relevant by virtue of this narrative.

However, it is more often than not that these scenarios bode well for underdogs who are off the radar.

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Just this season, we saw Phoenix take it to Golden State and hang 100 points on the Warriors in a full four-quarter affair. Point Guard Eric Bledsoe led the way for the Suns but he costs thousands of dollars less than Curry. He wasn't too far off his heels in terms of production.

Bottom line, if you get a weaker team facing a squad like Golden State, it is worth keying on those clubs’ best players. Similarly, if this team hangs around these players, it will likely produce big games while very few may have actually picked them up by virtue of overvaluing Golden State.

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You’ve been warned

The Golden State Effect is the danger of overvaluing elite teams and letting this influence your strategy.

As championed by us, the difference often between a huge win and a crushing loss is finding value in the situations that are often most discarded.

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