The Golden State Effect

For NBA Daily Fantasy Players hoping to dive right into the action on DraftKings or FanDuel, there is a smorgasbord of opportunity and many great players any manager can insert into their lineup on a daily basis.

Normally we survey the league to isolate and identify value in low-cost personnel with high potential upside. However, this week we will focus our attention upon a phenomenon sweeping the league that should be called

The Golden State Effect

The Golden State Effect is simply a term for the vulnerability players create for themselves as a result of banking on blue-chip players in Golden State’s ranks. Several names can be thrown on that list.

Three of these players are among the most expensive players at their respective position and conversely, two of them are the most expensive options at-large on several Daily Fantasy Sports sites.

The names of these individuals are
  • Point Guard Stephen Curry
  • Small Forward Kevin Durant
  • Power Forward Draymond Green

When you have a basketball team filled to the brim with this kind of talent, it is to be expected for expectations to be lofty while premiums are implemented for taking one of these top players.

However, there is a lot of danger in selecting any player on these teams and we will incorporate some fundamental tactics as well as handicapping acumen to back up this proposition.

Beware, “The Golden State Effect”

  1. Buying A Player Like Curry or Durant Guarantees Output

Sometimes teams actually have too much talent.

  • A team can only score so many points in a game
  • A player can facilitate so many assists without others capitalizing off this facilitation
  • A starter can only play so many minutes where they get the opportunities to grab a rebound or swat a shot, along with other personnel that are primed to do the same.

The point we are trying to make here is that when a team is saturated with such talent, the accolades and stats can only be distributed so much where top-scorers may score less and secondary options or reserve players may actually score more.

Durant and Curry are both scoring machines, but then there is also Draymond Green and Clay Thompson in the Warriors’ ranks so someone has to take a backseat to the other three for the numbers we saw from all four of these players to be proliferated at the level we witnessed last year.

It would be superfluous to assume Durant will go for 40 points, Thompson will go for 30, Green for 30 and Curry go for 40 because that implies Golden State would score 140 points in this situation.

Needless to say, that would be record breaking. Therefore someone is likely going to see attrition in their numbers and given the prices most of these players bode, there is a high chance for a daily fantasy player being overvalued and thus laying an egg for any manager.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we will highlight more of the consequences any player can suffer if they do not pay attention to the Golden State Effect.

We will cover more ground in Part II.

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