How To Get Over The Playoffs Hump

Whether you are a Daily Fantasy Football player or a season-long league manager, this is a time of year where many hopes and dreams are met with adversity and tribulation.

For many season league managers, this is a defining week.

Either you are sitting in the first week of the play-offs if your league goes the full seventeen weeks or you could be playing for the biggest prize in the league if you have a short post-season format.

Regardless, Week 15 is always a pivotal moment. In addition, this is likely to be the last week many starters get a full game of repetitions. As some teams ready themselves for the post-season or conversely as some teams have long since thrown in the towel, many reserves may start to get enhanced playing time.

It is in this distinct situation that many DFS managers can mine the depth charts and find a true low-cast, high-flyer.

To isolate these players, it is advantageous to start looking at teams eliminated from the post-season facing another opponent eliminated from the post-season. In these contests, you may be able to find a low-cost play with high upside or conversely isolate starters that are not likely worth the risk.

Here are a few other tips of encouragement:

Acknowledge Your Worth

Understand, that you are here for a reason. Your team made it to the playoffs and you are likely one game away from the biggest game of them all because you won when it mattered most.

Championship teams do that, period. Let this also be sound advice to apply to life as much as it should be applied to fantasy sports. With that being said, in terms of daily fantasy or season leagues do not try to reinvent the wheel, do whatever has been working for you and do whatever it is that got you there.

Your strategy and your tactics were the recipe for success and if it’s worked all-season, it should for the post-season or in the finals weeks of NFL regular season daily fantasy sports.

Trust Your Instincts

Don’t concern yourself with projections or with other experts’ analysis. Go with what you feel will give you the best chance to win.

This is most important, as we have seen time and time again, extrapolations and insights have often been inaccurate and in many instances the contrarian angle yields the most dividends. If you have a strong predilection toward a certain player or love a situation where you can see a lot of upside, take the plunge.

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