Compare & Contrast: Regular Season vs. Playoff Fantasy Football Part I

For some, playoff fantasy football is a means of righting wrongs for a tough regular season.

Daily Fantasy Football league managers once again have an opportunity to atone for the set-backs and let downs of a long and painful season. Some managers hit the ground running, scoring and winning at an absurd rate.

However, for others playoff fantasy football can seem like nothing more than an endless riddle. Here some tips to consider when drafting your next Daily Fantasy Playoff Season squad:

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Limited Selection

Week by week, the choices get narrower which means limited options. The most options of the NFL Playoffs lies within the

Wildcard and Divisional rounds

Typically, Daily Fantasy Leagues run a weekend long league which allows managers to coordinate and assemble a roster from eight different teams. However, this is quite contrasting compared to the typical 24-32 teams that have starters going week in and week out.

With less diversity, comes less variance in scores as it can be assumed that more lineups will be similar in nature. To achieve prolific success mangers will need to find an outlier that's less than 5% of the league owns, giving them the best chance at pulling off the victory.

Forget The Defense

Typically defenses and conservative play calling are out the window in the NFL Playoffs. With this being said, do not emphasize the defense, but rather the kicker.

In the playoffs, a good kicker is essential

However, some considerations must be made.

  • The weather conditions: it is better to play the most consistent kicker that is kicking in a dome or warm weather climate, as compared to let’s say an inconsistent kicker that is kicking in inclement conditions.
  • The playoffs are offensively oriented and kickers have been influential and impactful in the success of a team in the post-season. Case and point, Adam Vinatieri.
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