Comparing and Contrasting Regular Season and Playoff Fantasy Football Part II

As we covered in the first part of our series: Comparing and Contrasting Regular Season and Playoff Fantasy Football Part I, playoff fantasy football is often a means of redemption for many managers licking their wounds after a tumultuous and turbulent regular season.

For some Season-long league managers they now have an opportunity to atone for the disappointments and let downs of a long and painstaking campaign.

Enhance your winnings

For Daily Fantasy Managers looking to enhance their winnings, each week in this format can provide a new slew of challenges and variables that may seem too difficult to overcome.

Parody and lack of options make selections and choices all the more overwhelming especially when it's harder to identify and isolate a low-cost flier given the lack of variance.

Here are some more tips to consider when assembling your next Daily Fantasy Football squad in this unique and nevertheless trying playoff format:

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50-50’s are Optimal

From a Daily Fantasy Sports perspective, 50-50s are the best play in Playoff Fantasy Football. Why? Because it's easier to get a team that finishes in the top 40 or 50% when there's likely to be more uniformity in selections throughout the league due to a lack of options.

The question boils down to performance, typically between the marquee players. While it would be safe to assume that most will side with an elite quarterback to acquire the much needed points, the true talent lies in mining the talent at the skill positions. Selecting a reputable wide receiver and running back is more of a fail-safe play be that you are not banking on success at one position.

50-50’s are a great way to practice and hone your strategy in complex situations like this.

Expect the Unexpected

As we have championed in Season-long fantasy league playoffs, just because a team is the number one seed, doesn’t mean they will win the game. The same rule applies here in the NFL Playoffs.

For those who blue-chip players that reside on the rosters of top teams in the league, this can be even more costly and certainly riskier. Players banking on prolific performances can be met with disparity as upsets are all the more likely in the NFL Playoffs.

With this being established, diversify your portfolio and incorporate players from all teams to ensure the best chance of success in case one game produces a result that is truly unexpected.

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